Special Report For Anyone Over The Age Of 40 (Or Getting There Soon): You CAN Maintain Your Independence, Stay Healthy & Be Fit Well Into Your Golden Years

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know it’s not easy… especially when you get to a certain age. Gone are the days of losing a quick 10 pounds for a special event. With every passing year it becomes harder and harder to budge that bathroom scale. But even with the increased difficulty, there are ways to get fit over 40.

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fit over 40 womanWhile weight loss continues to be a struggle for so many, those in the over forty age group have a unique set of challenges to overcome. Adults simply cannot lose weight as easily as someone in their early twenties due to a number of different factors related to aging. An exercise and diet program must be tailored to a specific age group in order to be beneficial… especially if it’s going to work for individuals in their forties and higher.

One of the main reasons losing weight can be hard for older adults is their metabolism tends to slow down significantly as time goes by. This means that an exercise program that works to increase metabolism is one of the first steps to becoming fit over forty. By choosing a workout designed with specific metabolic needs in mind, it’s possible to make sure the exercise routine actually contributes to weight loss.

Many times, energy levels also decrease with age which makes it difficult to enjoy the stamina of your younger self. Because it’s recommended that an exercise be performed for at least 30 minutes to have a beneficial impact, it’s essential to begin an exercise program that works to increase stamina levels. Rather than trying to jump into a hard exercise routine that will leave you weak and possibly injured, it’s better to begin with low impact exercises and increase gradually over time. A program like this will help increase energy and make it easier to exercise and lose weight without feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed.

Because age and health problems often go hand in hand, further limits are sometimes placed on the exercises that can be performed. Anything from asthma, heart problems, and even bone or joint pain issues can prevent those who suffer from performing exercises that help to lose weight, such as running, playing physical sports, or even using free weights. These types of health conditions can limit the number of exercises that can be done to help promote weight loss, but are essential for burning calories and toning muscles.

fit-over-40-manNot only is it harder to achieve weight loss when you’re over forty, but it can also be difficult to tone muscles and lose fat in certain problem areas as well. Because the body goes through so many different changes during the aging process, additional work must be done in order to make weight loss efforts successful. The benefits of exercise will vary from person to person, but older individuals often find they need to work twice as hard to get the results of someone half their age.

By now, it should be pretty clear that in order for a diet or weight loss plan to succeed, it must be tailored toward a specific age group. Other factors along with metabolism become an issue with age including digestion. A more mature body requires greater levels of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and existing health conditions may even increase caloric intake requirements. Individuals with diabetes may also need a special diet, since certain factors like sugar and sodium must be limited. Anyone, including those over the age of 40, should consult their primary care physician before starting any diet program.

While getting fit over 40 can be difficult, it’s far from impossible. In fact, with the right plan in place, it’s completely within your reach.

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