Muscle Training and Bodybuilding – At A Fitness Center Or From Home?

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You may have been thinking a lot about muscle training and bodybuilding but have grown discouraged at the thought of having to join a gym and follow a rigorous program. While the process of adding some muscle mass to your body will definitely require a lot of work and a great deal of commitment, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve a gym membership. Continue reading Read More

Ways to Stop Stammering

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I was at the car accessories area at the local mall to get a tire pressure gauge when I noticed this person struggling to specify the term of tool to the sales man. In fact I didn’t realize why this person was so uneasy. Later I came to know that the guy was suffering from stuttering which is a communication disorder. Continue reading Read More

Treadmills vs. Ellipticals – Which is Better?

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The top two types of cardiovascular fitness machines that are currently the most popular are Treadmills and elliptical machines. The fitness equipment manufacturers are adept at touting the benefits of their machines and fitness experts add their opinions, which can often result in much confusion for people when trying to decide between treadmills vs. ellipticals. Both of these kinds of fitness machines are common fixtures at health clubs and there are many models that are specifically designed for home use. Continue reading Read More

Reasons Why You Should Bring Kids to San Clemente Chiropractic

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The Seaside Family Chiropractic, a San Clemente chiropractic clinic, has been a familiar place for my husband and I ever since we moved to Orange County. This is not to say that we are suffering from pain problems, it is just that Joe and I want to improve the functions of our nervous systems and prevent health problems by ensuring that our spine is properly aligned. I am really very happy that my husband and I are a regular at the clinic. IF there is one thing that I really like about this San Clemente chiropractic, it is their wellness care treatment program that can really prevent serious health complications. More than just the usual massages and treatment therapy, one can also get help in proper weight management at Seaside Family Chiropractic. I shed all those extra pounds that I have been carrying all my life, thanks to the help and guidance from Dr. Greathouse and everyone working in his Orange County chiropractic clinic.San Clemente Chiropractic Continue reading Read More

If You Have Back Pain, Go to Orange County Chiropractic

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Limiting your exercise will only make your back pain worse. The newest findings show different results.Chiropractor in Costa Mesa Continue reading Read More

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