Need To Exercise But Hate Going To The Gym? Check Out Our Top Ten Exercise DVD Picks

The Top 10 Exercise DVDs to Get a Workout At Home

This day and age, not everybody has time to hit the gym or go for a daily jog. Even though this is true, completely avoiding exercise can be unhealthy and cause obesity. Because of this, various exercise DVDs have been developed, in order to give even those with only five minutes to spare a daily workout that is sure to show results. Below are the top 10 exercise DVDs that make it possible to get a workout at home.

  1. The Biggest Loser Cardio Max Workout is one of the most popular exercise DVDs on the market, and it actually stars the trainers from the popular reality show with the same name. This DVD consists of a fast paced cardio workout that is ideal for all fitness levels, and is great at getting a full body workout.
  2. Denise Austin Boot Camp is another one of the top 10 exercise DVDs, since it offers a fast paced workout along with motivation from Denise herself. She talks her viewers through each workout with an optimistic attitude, and includes both cardio and strength training exercises in the same routine.
  3. Pilates for Beginners starring Maggie Rhoads is a great DVD for those interested in trying out Pilates, since it involves poses that are easy for anyone to try. It focuses on stretches and poses that can tone and strengthen the body, while increasing circulation and promoting overall health.
  4. The Kung Fu Kickboxing Workout is a different style of workout DVD, since it actually incorporates routines from kickboxing into the workout. It can improve strength, burn fat, and even increase agility and endurance in only an hour’s time. It provides an entire body workout, teaches self defense, and is ideal for all fitness levels.
  5. 10 Minute Solution Blast off Belly Fat is an ideal exercise DVD for those who don’t have much time on their hands, since it contains five separate workouts that are only 10 minutes each. Each routine differs from one another, ranging from a high paced aerobic workout to a Pilates routine that can really get results.
  6. Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone is a great workout DVD for those who like to stay indoors, since it is actually possible to walk off the pounds right in the comfort of your own home. It features various workouts on the same DVD, all of which can burn calories, burn fat, and be done totally indoors.
  7. Dance off the Inches Hip Hop Party is a fun way to workout, since it actually uses hip hop dance moves to burn calories and fat. The fun dance moves and upbeat music take the work out of working out, since it is fun, energetic, and an amazing full body workout.
  8. Fitness with the Pros is a very popular exercise DVD, mostly due to the hosts originally seen on Dancing with the Stars. It works to tone, shape, and burn fat, all while learning ballroom dancing moves. It contains three different routines, which incorporate yoga, jazz moves, and beautiful ballroom dancing to create a fun and exciting workout.
  9. Karen Voigt’s Slim Toning on a Ball is a fun thirty minute workout, which uses a workout ball and small hand weight. It incorporates weight training with Pilate’s moves, in order to provide an overall fat burning and muscle toning workout that helps to speed up metabolism. It is ideal for women, since it focuses on increasing strength without developing bulky muscles.
  10. The Billy Blanks Ultimate Tae Bo DVD is one of the best exercise DVDs on the market, since it incorporates many of the old Tae Bo moves into a fun and energetic workout. It is ideal for all ages, and Blanks is one of the best exercise coaches who provide great motivation during the entire session. It is a hard workout that will be sure to show results, but is fun to perform day after day.