Reasons Why You Should Bring Kids to San Clemente Chiropractic

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The Seaside Family Chiropractic, a San Clemente chiropractic clinic, has been a familiar place for my husband and I ever since we moved to Orange County. This is not to say that we are suffering from pain problems, it is just that Joe and I want to improve the functions of our nervous systems and prevent health problems by ensuring that our spine is properly aligned. I am really very happy that my husband and I are a regular at the clinic. IF there is one thing that I really like about this San Clemente chiropractic, it is their wellness care treatment program that can really prevent serious health complications. More than just the usual massages and treatment therapy, one can also get help in proper weight management at Seaside Family Chiropractic. I shed all those extra pounds that I have been carrying all my life, thanks to the help and guidance from Dr. Greathouse and everyone working in his Orange County chiropractic clinic.San Clemente Chiropractic

So, it is just natural that I tell my friends about the good things that happen to me at the Seaside Family Chiropractic. Now, most of my friends have become regular visitors to this San Clemente chiropractic clinic and they really appreciate the referral. For instance, our closest neighbor Mary has finally found relief to her husband Jesse’s back pains, which he suffered from for years. It does not stop there, as I was surprised to see that the couple also brought their 10 year old son Sam to the chiropractic clinic. I was really surprised that even kids can improve their health through chiropractic therapy. Besides, I never imagined that healthy and active children would ever require treatments offered at chiropractic clinics because they surely do not regularly experience joint pains and even sprains.

So, you may want to know what Sam got from visiting this San Clemente chiropractic. Well, Dr. Greathouse told me that even kids sometimes need chiropractic treatment methods. Apparently, kids can be very active, they move a lot, and so they can be susceptible to spine complications like dislocations. These problems may be difficult to check since kids can easily recover from minor spine problems. Even if this ache or misalignment is minor, it can grow worse overtime. A spine nerve may be affected and as time goes on your kid can experience back and joint pains. Our neighbor’s son Sam is not suffering from any back or spinal problems, so his sessions at the clinic are for the enhancement of his immune system and for wellness care.

Right after I learned that Seaside Family Chiropractic also helps children, I brought along my son Mark to this San Clemente chiropractic to have his back checked. At first, Mark was really fuming mad because he did not have problems with his spinal column and joints. After the checkup, Dr. Greathouse told us that Mark indeed has some spinal problems. So, I was really happy that we learned about Mark’s back problems before it became complicated.Chiropractor in Orange County California

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