Omega 3 Fish Oil Molecular Distilled, Contaminant Free

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Omega-3 fatty acids are generally a mixture of 3 fats referred to as ALA, EPA and DHA. ALA comes from the crops like flax seed, olives, walnuts, while both EPA and DHA are derived from the aquatic life for instance salmon, tuna, anchovies, herring, etc.

The first occasion I heard regarding this supplement was when my dad start to suffer from many ailments. His blood was thickening, increased blood pressure along with other concerns resulting from getting old. His physician explained to him to take Omega-3 fish oil.

Enteric coating is used to prevent fish burps and aftertaste. Enteric coating won’t simply soften in acidic atmosphere such as stomach, but will break up in the alkaline abundant smaller intestines.

I received a bottle with an expiration date of May 2015. This bottle contains 90 softgels that if in use daily should last for 3 months. 1400 mg of fish oil, 980 mg OMega-3 fatty acids, 647 mg of EPA and 253 mg of DHA. For anybody who is knowledgeable about Omega-3 supplements, most of them like this one are generally huge softgels, but they are effortless to swallow as they slide without difficulty plus does not taste anything. Made in United State of America.

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Omega 3 Product of Life & Food Mega description

The Omega 3 Fish Oil softgels of Life & Food are free of mercury and it is guaranteed to clear all of the fat-soluble toxins, dioxins and PCBs. Life & Food Omega 3 supplement contains high quality, Omega-3 Fish oil in each softgel. The softgel contains the molecularly distilled fish oil, that has 647 mg of EPA and 253 mg of DHA, undergone with the high quality testing. It has no mercury content and no fishy after taste or smell, manufactured with the highest quality to help promote cardiovascular health, joint support, circulation and helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. The Omega 3 Benefit Studies have shown that diets high in Omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA — may lower a person’s stroke risk. Eating fishes that swim in cold water such as sardines and salmon can help on lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, reducing the risk of being stroke. Some studies show that the nutritional wonder may reduce the risk of breast cancer; and there is a proven link that EPA and DHA reduces inflammation from arthritis conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Omega 3 can be found as well in olive oil, walnuts and flaxseed to name a few. Those individuals with cognitive and behavioral disorders can benefit greatly with the Life & Food Omega 3 fish oil. It was found out in several studies that EPA and DHA helps children that has attention deficit disorder and autism spectrum disorder – better manage the symptoms associated with their conditions. By taking the supplement also, symptoms such as anxiety, hyperacidity and inattention can be reduced. It can as well helps individuals with depression, bipolar disorder as well as dementia, the supplement can be use as an add-on to the doctor’s prescription.

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